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Designed especially with menstruating and menopausal women in mind.

LaBalance is a small powerful, static magnetic device that simply attaches discreetly and comfortably to your underwear.

Our wearers claim relief for common change of life symptoms including: mood swings, anxiety, irritability, headaches, hot flushes, heart palpitations, memory lapses, fatigue, trouble sleeping & more.

LaBalance is a safe, drug free product designed to be used independently or alongside prescribed medication. Always check with your doctor first.

If it does not work for me, can I get a refund?
We know from testimonies and reviews, not everyone benefits from the device in the same way. So, we offer a 100% no quibble, money back guarantee. Simply return the device, in its original packaging with your receipt, within 90 days of purchase.

What's in the box?
With your LaBalance purchase we include the device along with two directional device 'buttons'. So, you'll have a spare. Handy for those brain fog moments! There's also a handy travel pouch.

About LaBalance
LaBalance is a small powerful directional two-piece magnetic device which easily attaches comfortably to your undies. LaBalance uses magnetism to relieve symptoms, Magnetism is not a new therapy. Indeed it has been reputedly used for thousands of years to alleviate pain and suffering across a whole range of ailments. Our testimonials are probably our strongest evidence of the power of this product. Whilst we cannot explain a precise explanation of the relationship between the Autonomic Nervous System and magnestism, science tells us there is one. How it works is a mystery. Our testimonies tell us this device has helped our wearers claim partial or full relief from their menopausal symptoms. You wear it all day and all night. Frankly it's so neat and comfy you'll forget it's even there. With your LaBalance purchase we include not only the innovative magnetic device and two directional 'buttons', but also a handy travel pouch for use on the go. Manufactured and supplied by Sassy La Femme, it will remain both discrete and easy to use. Testimonies have told us that the functional device provides relief from a range of symptoms at every stage of womanhood, from the start of periods, right up to completing menopause. Wearers tell us for some it can eliminates all their symptoms. In others it may be less dramatic but still significant, making a positive impact on their experiences, and helping them through the day.

We've created a list of frequently asked questions that you can visit but if you can't see the answer there, do get in touch. Our friendly, helpful customer services team will do their best to answer anything.