Angela Day-Moore


I'm Angela Day-Moore

Let Me Tell You My Story

Whilst attending a meeting with a group of men in their boardroom, I saw the LadyCare magnet on a bookshelf. I enquired why they had a LadyCare on the side, and they explained they were potentially buying the business from Derek Price the inventor. I was invited to take the one they had and try it. I thought at first, how could this really work? Why would a purple plastic avocado shape collection of strong magnets, to wear below my belly button seriously stop the last 10 years of my agonizing menopause journey? Well, in 48 hours I noticed a change and within 3 weeks my symptoms had reduced dramatically and now they have all gone! I have never felt so well and I have slept the best 'sleeps' in many years!

I approached the investors and asked if I could Champion LadyCare and also MN8 - the same product but for period relief. I formed a business called Sassy La Femme London, as women still want to be Sassy, lively and bold. And just because we are middle aged it doesn't mean we should be chucked over the fence, out to graze!

LaBalance is Born

I have also merged the two products into one, with the new name 'LaBalance' as the device brought balance back to my body. Although I focus on the Menopause, merging the two products together makes life easy! We can tell our daughters and nieces too and share this invention.

Luckily, I've spent a great deal of time with Derek Price, who is an amazing man. Even at the age of 81, he's one cool cookie. And, also Dr Nyjon Eccles who assisted Derek extensively with trials to understand the phenomenon Derek invented. I thank them both for their time, as it has been a privilege to understand their many years of hard work and dedication. There are simply 1000's of women wearers who lives have improved dramatically.

I still work full time within the travel industry, and can now lead a normal life. The best in years actually, with no menopause symptoms thanks to wearing my LaBalance and Derek Price's creation.

Sharing is caring, and I hope by sharing my journey so far with you, this amazing creation will help you, like it has me, and so many other women around the world.

Angela x

Hello, I'm Jess Lamerton

Let Me Tell You My Story

My periods started when I was 12 years old, and they were not friendly. For 5 days every month for 6 years, I was in a lot of pain. I often couldn’t get out of bed and had to take days off school and work. With constant headaches, tender breasts, loss of appetite and bloating, I'd feel nauseous and sometimes vomit due to the pain. And let’s not mention my PMS on top of regular teenage moodiness

Then, when I was 18, I was recommended LaBalance by Sassy La Femme and it changed my life. It helped ease my painful cramps, nausea, and headache within 48 hours. Since I started wearing LaBalance 24/7 I’ve not had a painful period, no longer feel nauseous, and don’t get period headaches anymore.

Now, I don’t have to take the best part of a week off every month, and feel like I’ve got part of my life back.

I forgot to put it on once before I went on a weekend trip away and I felt terrible the whole time. So definitely notice a big difference when I’m not wearing it.

I know loads of people whose periods are worse than mine used to be. I want to spread the word about LaBalance to the younger generation and how it helped me, in the hope it may help others.

As I know that it won’t work for everyone, I’m thrilled about the 90-day money back guarantee to give everyone an opportunity to try the product before committing. So go on try it!

Jess Lamerton